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No Website? Send Visitors Directly to Your Calendar!

Loxi is all about flexibility. Want to display the events as a list instead of a calendar? Sure! Want the appearance to look like the design of your website? You got it! Need to embed the calendar on a website? Absolutely!

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to another way to use Loxi: as a standalone calendar.

What do we mean by that? All Loxi calendars are accessible to the public. Simply point someone to your calendar’s Loxi address and they’ll see all of your events. In other words, Loxi doesn’t have to be embedded on a website to share your events. Instead, try using it as a landing page!

We recently updated the how the calendar looks to make it the perfect place to share your events — even if you don’t have a website.

Here’s what’s new

First off, we added a new option to the calendar settings that lets you either display your avatar or an uploaded image at the top of your calendar.

Having the option to add an image is a nice way to make the calendar your own. By either placing your profile image or a logo at the top, visitors will instantly recognize this as your calendar.

You probably see the next big change in that image: a calendar description. The description option on the calendar settings screen gives you a chance to display content above the calendar. This works great for explaining what the calendar is about, but it’s also for other things as well: a call to action, linking back to your website, important event updates, or just about anything you can think of.

Sharing your calendar

Another touch we added is a link above your calendar that displays when you are logged in.

This gives you a quick, one-click way to copy your Loxi calendar address and share it with others. It’s a small detail, but is something folks have requested. We think it’s a nice bit of polish that makes sharing events that much easier.

Start using it today!

Seriously, this is already available and ready for you to use. Simply enable the options in your calendar settings, copy the share URL, and start sending people over to view your events. This is the fastest way yet to get a calendar up, running and shared.

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