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Brought to you by the band of merry pixel-makers at Modern Tribe

Loxi is the newest online events calendar handcrafted and maintained by Modern Tribe, the folks behind The Events Calendar. With over a half a million installs worldwide, The Events Calendar is the most popular WordPress calendar plugin out there today.

Over the years, we’ve gotten lots of requests from our loyal Events Calendar users for a platform-agnostic calendar tool—one that works with any website, is easy to install and maintain, and looks good right out of the box.

So us Triberians got to work and applied our many years of experience honoring those requests. The result is Loxi.

It’s a new way to create, manage, and promote events. We’ve removed the barriers from online publishing and created a way for you to display and promote events beyond the calendar grid.

Calendars are more than containers. We built Loxi to be a showcase that puts your events front and center and frees you up to create the memorable experiences that bring people together.

Meet Team Loxi


Mat Batchelder

Lead Developer, Red Vines aficionado


Geoff Belanger

Community Manager, motivating night owl

Scott Clark

Scott Clark

Developer, rickrolling ukuleleist

Neal Fennimore

Neal Fennimore

Developer, Roomba detail and repair


Geoff Graham

Product Manager, frequent hugger

David Hickox

David Hickox

Lead Designer, super ramen slinger

Susan Jantzen

Susan Jantzen

Project Manager, metal air guitarist

Stephen Page

Stephen Page

Developer, champion chicken herder


Hazel Quimpo

Marketing, local event purveyor


Nicole Ramsey

Quality Assurance, marathoner


Zach Tirrell

Head Honcho, comic book archivist

Luca Tumedei

Luca Tumedei

Developer, mountain goat whisperer

See why events are better with Loxi

It’s free to sign up and a low $15/month to publish your calendar. See what all the fuss is about and give Loxi a test drive today!

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