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How to Write Killer Event Descriptions

Event descriptions are probably the most important feature on your calendar. Sure, your reader won’t know where to go without the venue information, but they won’t even look at the venue information until they’ve decided whether the event is one they want to attend.

The power to entice your readers to come to your event lies within the event description. Luckily for you, there a few simple tips and tricks you can use to make sure your event description stands out and does its job.

Capture Their Interest

When your visitor is scrolling past your calendar, your event doesn’t have much time to make an impression.

The first 300 characters is what your reader will see in the event description preview in your calendar view. This is where you’ll need to capture their interest quickly, before their attention wanders to something else. Once you’ve won them over, they’ll click through to see all the details.

State Your Value

One of the most common mistakes made in event promotion is forgetting to tell the reader why they should care. Simply explaining your event isn’t always enough to convince people to give you their precious time.

So what do you do? Make your event matter to them! Will you be teaching them a skill that could save them time, save them money, improve their relationships or their quality of life? Make that clear in your event descriptions.

Don’t Forget the Details!

We hope this goes without saying, but make sure your event actually contains all the information your guests will need to know! Will they need to bring their own lunch? Is there a splash zone?

Trust us, they’ll be happy to know these things ahead of time.

End with a Call to Action

Event descriptions should end with a strong call to action. Your reader is excited about the event, and knows everything they need to know. Now what? Should they buy a ticket? Register on your site? Call you on the phone? Luckily, Loxi comes equipped with a Call to Action button. You can find it in the “Cost & Ticketing” tab when you’re creating or editing your event. (In the future, you’ll be able to sell tickets directly from your Loxi calendar!)

Even if you’re not selling tickets, this tool is totally customizable. You choose the button text, and the link it goes to. You could even use it to send users to an information page where they can see a schedule, research your speakers, or learn more about your cause.

Although this button will appear in your calendar’s colours in the top right corner of your event, it’s always nice to guide your readers there at the end of the event description. It’s also one more opportunity to reinstate your value.

e.g. “For the productive habits you’ve always wanted, join us by clicking “Register” above.”

Go Forth and Write Great Event Descriptions!

The event description is your opportunity to intrigue your calendar readers and attract them to your event. It’s the first step in converting your website users into loyal attendees. Make the most of it by writing a killer event description!

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