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Release Notes: June 2018

OK, so if June isn’t already already awesome for so many obvious reasons, we’re about to blow your mind with what’s new in Loxi to kick off the summer season.

We know how important recurring events are to an online calendar. The ability to repeat events is a huge convenience, especially when you’re planning an event that happens regularly or even indefinitely. Who wants to enter all of those events into a calendar? That’s where repeating events is boss.

Loxi has offered recurring events since our first release but we knew there was more we could do to make them even more useful to you. That’s what we’ve been working on all month and we think you’ll love the changes and the fact that you’ll get to spend less time working on your calendar and more time enjoying the summer. 🍹

Edit one event in a recurring series… or all of them

Repeating events doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing action. If you need to make an edit to one event in the series, then you should be able to apply the change to that event and leave all the others intact if you’d like.

A perfect example is a monthly meet-up. The event might take place at the same day each month, but the details could be different: the host may have changed, it could be at a different location each time, or any number of things.

Now, you can change those details on any event in a recurring series. Simply click on the event you want to edit and make changes. Once you publish your work, Loxi will confirm whether you want the edits to be applied to that event, upcoming events, or all events in the series.

The timezone settings on the Calendar Settings screen. The first option is a dropdown menu to select the default timezone. The second option is a toggle that can enable or disable using the location of the venue attached to an event to set the event timezone.
Now, an event that starts at 🕑2:00 PM PST can be displayed as 🕔5:00 PM EST if it takes place on the East Coast.

This is a big deal and makes recurring events way more flexible then ever before. Rejoice in your superpowers and remember to buckle up when experiencing the speed of creating and editing multiple events at once.

Remove an event from a recurring series

The thing about repeating events is that they’re usually a black-and-white sort of thing. You set the pattern and time and all of the events take place on their dates at the same time.

That’s great for events that never change but we all know there are plenty of situations where an event needs to move around, even if it breaks the typical pattern set by the rest of the events in the series. A good example is a class that takes place every weekday at the same time for three months. The final class might be a final exam that starts earlier and lasts later than the other classes.

You can now do that with Loxi’s latest changes to recurring events. Open the event you need to edit, open the Date & Time settings, and make your changes. Once you save the event, Loxi will let you know that the change will break the event out of the series so it can be treated as its own event.

A screenshot of the prompt that displays when editing the date and time of an event in a recurring series. It confirms that the event will be broken out of the series and be treated as its own event moving forward.

The only way to break an event out of a series is to change the Date & Time settings. Changing anything else (i.e. organizer, location, content, etc.) will allow you to make the change to that event or other events in the series.

Use the venue timezone for events

OK, so this one has nothing to do with recurring events but it’s still pretty sweet. Loxi has always provided a way to set the default timezone for your calendar in the Calendar Settings.

For example, let’s say there are two events on your calendar: a concert in Los Angeles and another in New York. If your calendar timezone is set to Pacific Standard Time (PST), then the start and end times for both events would be displayed in that timezone.

With the latest change, you can tell Loxi to override timezone on events that are located in different places:

The timezone settings on the Calendar Settings screen. The first option is a dropdown menu to select the default timezone. The second option is a toggle that can enable or disable using the location of the venue attached to an event to set the event timezone.

Perfect! Now people from the East Coast who visit your calendar will see the event in their local time instead of three hours earlier as long as a venue is attached to the event. This is a great win for you if your calendar regularly holds events that span all over the map.

That’ a wrap for now!

We sure do hope you enjoy all these new goodies and that they make it even easier to manage your Loxi calendar. This release wouldn’t be anything without you and we’re here to help if you have any questions at all about it.

There’s a lot more in the works and we’re excited to share those with you in the next round of release notes. In the meantime, here’s a bonus look at all that went into this release:

  • ⏳290 hours of clocked time
  • 🐛19 bug fixes
  • 😬6 pulled molars
  • 👱🏼3 new hairdryers
  • 🎸2 Rickrolls
  • 🤖1 refurbished Roomba
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