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Release Notes: April 2018

Oh hey, our very first release! We’re happy to be here, but think we haven’t had a chance to properly introduce ourselves.

We’re Loxi, an online calendar that can be displayed anywhere. We want to be the place you post events. We know how tough it is to manage websites and want to make it super simple to add a beautiful calendar to your site and publish events to it with ease.

Nice to meet you.

You’re probably wondering what Loxi can do for you today with this first release. Let’s dive in.

Calendar Views

We couldn’t call ourselves a calendar without the calendar itself. This is the crown jewel of our maiden release, with two core calendar views that showcase your events.

Month View is the traditional calendar grid that provides a bird’s eye overview of all events in a given month. It’s a great if you have lots of events and want to give visitors an easy way to scan them all.

List View is an agenda-like stack of events that are grouped by day. The inclusion of a photo makes this view a little more eye-catching while still making it easy to skim each event and scroll through the list.

Publish Events

What’s a calendar without events? We worked extra hard to develop an editor that streamlines the way events are published. It takes filling out a mere three fields to create an event that looks stunning right out of the box.

But, if you want to take things up a notch, the Loxi event editor provides a number of advanced settings that bend events to your will, including:

  • Repeating an event on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis with custom patterns
  • Add a cost to the event and provide a link to where tickets can be purchased
  • Attach categories so related events can be grouped together
  • Save events as a draft, schedule them to publish on a specific date, or publish them immediately
  • Use a custom URL (/whatever-you-want)

…and a lot more, of course. The bottom line is that there are many possibilities for creating events that both inform and inspire.

Calendar Embed

All other features kind of lead to this one and we’re super proud of it. This feature lets you embed your calendar on just about any website with a simple snippet that you copy and paste into your site. It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Joomla or whatever as your content management system. Copy the snippet from your Loxi account, paste it into your site editor and your calendar is instantly added to your site, no development needed.

Make a change to an event? It will immediately update the calendar on your site. Is your site having technical difficulties? Your Loxi calendar is still safe, sound and available on the Loxi website.

Venues & Organizers

Have multiple events at the same location? Does the same person host several events? Loxi will let you create saved venues and organizers you can attach to any number of events. It’s a convenient way to publish content you would otherwise have to create again and again.

Not down with the words venues or organizers? No worries, Loxi lets you customize that as well. Venues can be locations. Organizers can be teachers. Call them absolutely anything you want.

We wish we could share every little detail of the work that went into this first release. Suffice to say that tens of thousands of hours went into planning, designing, developing and testing this between the time we kicked this off and now and we’re so stoked to finally have this in your hands. Need any help at all? Reach out to us in our Help Center.

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