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Meet Loxi: An Overview

Loxi is the newest online events calendar product from Modern Tribe, the team behind The Events Calendar. While the Events Calendar is beloved and used by over 600,000 people, it can only be used on sites running WordPress. That’s where Loxi comes in: it’s an events calendar that can be used on any website.

An Events Calendar for Any Website

We love WordPress and are going to keep building best-in-class WordPress plugins for years to come. But Loxi lives where your website lives—it’ll look great and work flawlessly on WordPress, but also on Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, and so many more!

Loxi works everywhere because you don’t have to install anything. You simply create the events and your calendar, then embed the calendar anywhere you’d like with a simple copy-and-paste code.

A Calendar That Almost Runs Itself

When you use Loxi, your events are in the cloud—this is how the calendar is able to show up on any website. This also means no software installations. No plugin updates. No manual backups and fears of losing your data. It’s the simplest way to have a full-featured events calendar online…believe us, we checked.

The event-creation experience is easy, too. From simple one-off events to complex recurring events, creating events is a breeze—and if you’re using the same venues, organizers, or other event details over and over again, you can just reuse the data instead of creating it from scratch each time.

No matter how many events you’ve got, maintaining a robust events calendar with Loxi is so effortless that it’s almost like the calendar runs itself.

In a Nutshell

  • Responsive design — Loxi is designed to look sharp and work smoothly on any device, from the slimmest smartphone to the biggest desktop monitor.
  • Recurring events — Do you have an event that happens at the same time on a regular basis? If so, don’t waste time copying and pasting, and recreating the same event over and over. Simply create a recurring event with Loxi once and you’re set!
  • Unlimited events — No matter how big or small your events calendar will be, Loxi can handle it. There are no limits on the number of events you can have—no daily limit, no monthly limit, no limits!
  • Powerful search and filtering features — All Loxi calendars come with customizable filtering tools so that users can search events, sort them by category, or filter them by venue or organizer. It makes it a piece of cake for users to find the events they’re looking for.
  • List view and grid view — All Loxi calendars can be viewed as lists or as grids, and users have the option to toggle between the views to use whichever one they prefer.
  • Regular automatic backups and security updates — While you sleep, the Loxi platform is being backed up regularly, and we constantly ship tweaks to make Loxi faster, bug-free, and more secure. It all happens automatically in the background.

What Loxi Means for You

Running your events calendar on Loxi means a lot less work for a much better calendar. It means daily backups of all of your calendar data. It means 24/7 access to our super-friendly support team. It means that if you change your website and try different platforms, you don’t have to recreate your events calendar from scratch—simply copy and paste the embed code anywhere you need your calendar, and voilá!

Get started creating your free calendar today. Once you’re ready to publish, it’s just $15 a month.

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