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The perfect online calendar for any website

Say hello to Loxi, the calendar that fits right into your website and practically runs itself.

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Beautiful events. No installation required.

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Best in-class design

Spark interest in your events with eye-catching design and a clean, minimal interface that makes it easy for visitors to discover events.

Looks good on all devices

A responsive, mobile-friendly design guarantees your calendar will look great on any screen, no matter what device or browser it’s viewed on.

Flexible + customizable

Toggle calendar settings for custom colors, timezones, and layouts to give your calendar a personal touch that is tailored to your website and your brand.


Choose colors and settings


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Copy this snippet and paste it into the HTML code of any webage to see a live preview of our online calendar on your website.

Detailed Instructions

<p class="loxi" data-background-color="" data-categories="all" 
data-color="#7fc11c" data-default-layout="month" data-font-family="" 
data-is-demo="true" data-show-category-filter="1" 
data-show-location-address="1" data-show-location-filter="1" 
data-show-search-filter="1" data-show-view-switcher="1" 
data-site-id="1004" data-subdomain="loxidemo" data-theme="light" 
data-timezone="America/Los_Angeles" data-title="loxidemo" 
<a href="">View more events</a> on <a href=""></a></p>
<script async src=""></script>

“Loxi is by far the best Calendar option I have found for my website.”

—Shawna, USA

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